Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apogee Retail (Unique Thrift Store): A Typical Consumer Complaint

Outrageous prices for crap. Smelly and dirty clothes. Rude employees.

I Brought some items at Unique Thrift Store that broke the same day after I took them home.  I purchased a DVD player that I asked a worker to check it (he had to take it to the back of the store where I wasn't allowed to go) out and told me that it was working. When I got home I noticed that it don't play movies only music CDs. I've called and sent emails to the corporate offices of Apogee Retail several times to complain about having my money returned back to me and each time was promised that a District Manager will contact me to settled my dispute. It was all lies just to get me off the phone. Such good business practices -sarcasms.

Once, my boyfriend and I was shopping at one of their locations, when this "security guard" approached us and asked to search our bags. Now, this wanna-be rental cop was looking at us when we made our purchases so I don't know why we were the targets. I asked this wanna-be what right did he have to search our bags? And he stated that the corporate office instructed him to do this, and that this was a "random" stop. I saw 3 other customers walked right out without having their bags search and not once did he didn't approach them. I stated to him in a loud and angry voice that he was performing racial profiling, and at a damn thrift store. I sent an email and follow-up with a call to the corporate office, and asked if this was their policy. The lady who answered said that it was and that it was in fact done randomly. I told her that, first where are the signs that states this? And 2, that that is racial profiling. Which she disagree but couldn't tell me what it was when I question her about this shady stop. She informed me once again (I believe that she is the one who I have been talking with in the past) that some from the district will contacted me and that she was going to find out why haven't any of my calls and emails was answered. Still no calls. What type of business is this?

I also heard from a very reliable source, that Unique thrift stores buys a large truck load of clothes- $200.00-$300.00 for over $5,000 worth of merchandise from the Army Vets and then mark the prices super high and overcharged the customers. This is how they show appreciation to the men and women who fought for us and our country. Way to go Unique

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